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I am very happy to say that things are going along so much better since our discussions. As a result of changes in the way I approach issues which could turn into major outbursts, life has become much calmer and happier all round. The response from my husband is the reward in itself!

Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction. I can’t understand why I wasn’t able to see this for myself but I suppose we all get caught up in patterns of behaviour and we need a wise outsider to open our eyes! You were definitely that for me.

So for the time being, let’s put our chats on hold but I know I can come back to you at any time in the future.

Thank you for your understanding and your guidance.

Married lady, 76, Berkshire

I am so glad I made contact with Sarah. I only had ONE 90 minute session and in that time she literally set me on the right path to changing a lifetime of struggles. From following her advice and recommendations, my quality of life has totally improved more than ever! She just knew what was right for me, and I trusted her.

Had I never seen Sarah I would be stuck on the same road still struggling. From  just one appointment, she has helped change my life hugely for the better! Cannot recommend enough!

Female, 32, Northamptonshire

What can I say. I was at rock bottom in life. No exaggeration. I was struggling to get over a long term relationship and I’d just turned 40 with nothing to my name. Literally nothing. I could have packed my life into the boot of a car. I was back living with my parents and I was stuck in a dead end, soul destroying minimum wage job. I was broken and I really couldn’t see a way out.

Ten weeks after my first meeting with Sarah I was flying out to Sark for three months to work and be trained up by an award winning chef and one of the finest in the Channel Islands!

I was desperate to break into the food and catering business and Sarah took the skills I had and gave me the confidence and knowledge to fight for something I’d never thought attainable. With her unbreakable will and spirit she proved to me that all setbacks are merely springboard to greater things and all problems are merely hurdles to be smashed thorough. Her positivity attitude is genuinely infectious and she imbued me with a sense of supreme confidence. With her knowledge, advice and constant unwavering support I was actually in a position where I had four good job offers on the table and a real choice of direction.

Greg, 40, West Midlands

I have been counselled by Sarah at two crucial times over the course of ten years. The first time she helped me overcome a long history of addiction which had led to homelessness.

The second time, her professional intervention was decisive in re-focussing my life when I found myself at a junction. I needed to find the courage to choose the path which was opening in front of me and that would improve my life but I was paralysed with self-doubt and at risk of relapsing into depression and self-harm.

Sarah’s support helped me find the strength in myself to follow the right direction. The passion for her work manifests itself as a combination of true human empathy and professional techniques.

Working on myself with Sarah’s support always felt safe. I knew I could trust her, she set very clear boundaries but I also knew she believed in my potential as a human being. Because of that I started to respect myself and put trust in others, too. This is what psychological support should always be about.

Emilia Teglia, Artistic Director and CEO Odd Eyes Theatre

Helen I just wanted to thank you for helping me meet my personal goals which as you know was to get the relevant grades to get into the University I wanted to.

I also wanted to ideally stop but if not reduce taking drugs. I honestly think the sessions with you have had such a positive impact and improved my relationships with my friends and family and also my self-esteem. I now feel I can be honest about who I am and your suggested coping strategies have been brilliant at helping me cope with situations and feelings when I have struggled in the past.

I know I couldn’t have achieved any of this without you. I just wanted you to know how grateful I am

Boy, 18. Bucks

I was introduced to Sarah when I was a young, single mother of two. I had lived an unsettled life of abuse and homelessness and was in a state of overwhelm regarding my career and the future in general.

Sarah was my first experience of acceptance, she was genuine, positive and much like a big sister. My sense of self worth was boosted and I became more confident.
On a more practical side, she provided the space and resources to help me focus and find direction

I went on to complete my psychology degree and access to adult nursing

Married Mum of 4. 34. London

Helen I just want you to know how well things are going now for me. I am studying maths psychology geography and sociology A-level at my original school and this is all thanks to you. At GCSE I achieved one A star, 7A’s and three B’s and you know how terrified I was of failure.

Although our sessions are finished now your words have stuck with me and help me when I have not felt strong enough on my own. I can’t begin to tell you how big a part of my progress you were and how grateful I am for the support you provided. I miss you massively and hope all is well. I’m still aiming to go to university and this is all thanks to you. Love and huge thanks.

Girl, 17. Bucks.

When I met Sarah 3 years ago, I wasn’t really looking for counselling. I thought I was handling my life ok. Looking back now I am so glad I took the opportunity to have that trial 1-2-1 session with Sarah as from that day forward my life has taken a complete 360 degree turn.

I was a 42 year old female in & out of trouble with the law, abusive relationships, dealing with alcohol issues & living in a damp wet mobile home on benefits My life was far from ok !! To be honest I was barely hanging on, I couldn’t care less if I lived or died. It was that bleak.

Over the past 3 years Sarah with her compassion ,kindness , dedication & professionalism slowly helped give me the courage to take back my life from the grips of fear, pain and paralysis. With her dedication faith and compassion she has transformed that ugly duckling into a swan, the caterpillar back into the butterfly And gave me belief in myself.

I have a little way to go but I am now learning to love myself again. I now believe I deserve to live the happy, joyfull loving life I hear about and that I am now beginning to experience

Thanks to Sarah I am now living in a lovely apartment a stone throws away frm the beach, I’m driving my adorable little sports car and dating a wonderful caring loving guy.

I still have a way to go but I am looking forward to the many experiences life has ahead of me and all I can say is thankyou Sarah I owe you my life ! You are an inspiration and a wonderful friend. I’m so glad you are in my life and hope you will be for a long time to come xxx

Female, 44. Dorset

I am a transgender client of Helen’s and have been having counselling sessions with her for over 2 years now, from the age of 12.
I have always known that I wanted to be a ‘boy’ however have always felt that I was trapped in a ‘girl’s’ body without the recognition of my female gender at all.

Helen has explored, supported and taken action where appropriate with my transitioning in to a ‘boy’ in a very Person-Centred and non-judgemental way which has been invaluable in my journey.

I can honestly say I could not have done this without her and with her continued support I have safely transitioned to my new name and status at school and am now being referred for other help.

I cannot say this has been an easy journey however I am allowing ‘myself ‘ to be ‘myself’ and that is largely down to Helen.

Male, 14. Bucks

I am targeting myself to study harder so I can get to Uni & become something in the future.

Greenwich Student

The students have come back with a far greater self belief, because they have achieved something quite amazing.

Gary Phillips, Headmaster at Lilian Baylis

EiA bridges the gap between education and the world of business commerce, which benefits everyone. They have a model and the model works

Paul Soor, M.D. Volo