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Offending & The Justice System

A little more detail...

Sarah has many years experience working within the justice system. If you or someone you know is either about to come out of prison or has been out for a while but is struggling and feels they might need support, Sarah is vastly experienced in this area and has a proven track record of keeping young offenders and adult offenders out of prison.

Sarah has worked with offenders in London, Dorset and Buckinghamshire and has access to a wide support network for x-offenders looking to change their lives.

For 20 years Sarah has worked in conjunction with the Prison Service, the Police, Probation, Parole, Mental Health, the NHS and x-offender specific charities.

Sarah can advise parents trying to negotiate the system for the first time AND support the offender – always trying to gain the best possible outcome for whatever situation he/she finds themselves in.

Counselling is very often appropriate at this time as anyone facing prison for the first time is usually distressed and anxious. Because Sarah has so much experience of the system she can allay a lot of these fears and prepare somebody in the best possible way for their first time inside.

Headstuff also has access to many reformed young offenders and adult men offenders who can give first hand knowledge, tips and guidance to anybody entering the prison system and also anybody coming out and being determined never to go in again.

These x-offenders, in the presence of a counsellor, will also spend time with any teenagers who you feel would benefit from speaking to somebody who has been through the prison system and can tell your child exactly what they are facing if they carry on with their current behaviour and how it is going to affect their lives in the future. Hearing it from the horses mouth is often the best medicine !