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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Were you diagnosed with ADHD as a child and still struggle with symptoms today?
Are you an adult who has researched a bit about ADHD or ADD and think you might have it?
 Or are you a parent struggling to parent your ADHD child or who is sure your child has ADHD but cannot get anyone to take you seriously?
Sarah at Headstuff was diagnosed ADHD aged 51. To say this
blew her mind and explained her entire life in one fell swoop is an understatement.

She has been having lightbulb moments ever since.  As a qualified counsellor she has researched and read
extensively on the subject and is now working daily with clients who are either going through assessment or
have been diagnosed and are trying to come to terms with their diagnosis, medication and their new life.
Sarah is particularly passionate about the amount of adults who are walking round with obvious symptoms but
nobody has picked up on the possibility of an ADHD diagnosis. Sarah was extremely lucky herself to come across
a counsellor who was convinced she had it and pushed her to get diagnosed. She has now taken up the reigns
of this herself and is working diligently to help others going through the fog of undiagnosed ADHD as she was. 

So, how can we help you?

Our ‘ADHD Pre Referral & Diagnosis’ service can help you approach your doctor with the criteria he’s going to
need to refer you to mental health. We will undertake ADHD testing, help you prepare the paperwork necessary,
accompany you to appointments if required and guide you through the whole process from diagnosis to medication.
Sarah has experience of both the Private and the NHS route and can explain the differences to you and guide you through either. 
When you are under the care of an ADHD Specialist Psychiatrist, counselling and coaching with Sarah will help you address

any of the specific ADHD traits you struggle with.

A particular note here to parents of very naughty youngsters and teenagers! If you have a child who seems to be going off the rails, who is constantly pushing boundaries, who has no respect for authority, is possibly already getting into trouble with the police and you are worried sick about their future – phone us now!

 These are the early warning signs of ADHD. Tackled head-on at this stage disaster can often be averted and children heading for the youth
offending courts can be caught early. Many of these children are ADHD and it hasn’t been picked up.
 Please call Sarah for the free telephone assessment and sessions can then be arranged very quickly with
you and your child together,just you or just your child.