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Sarah has worked in and around addiction for 25 years. It is something she understands very well having suffered from a food addiction for most of her life, until her ADHD diagnosis explained where her compulsive eating/food addiction had come from.

Whilst ADHD medication has largely solved Sarah‘s addiction issue, she has real empathy for others suffering from all addictions. She understands completely how crippling and life-destroying living with an addiction can be.


Since working with the homeless in the 1990s, through her with in prisons and addiction charities, Sarah has helped numerous clients with the following addictions –

Cannabis / Marijuana
Cocaine / Crack Cocaine
Legal Highs
Party drugs – Ecstacy MDMA
Speed / Amphetamines
Benzos / Tranquilisers
Prescription Drugs
Binge Drinking

She has also undertaken professional addiction training with the government funded organisation SMART.

Sarah’s strong belief that any obstacle can be obliterated, spills over into the addiction world. While completely acknowledging the terrifying grip addiction can have on someone, she firmly believes that with the right combination of counsellor/coach, psycho-education, knowledge, medical intervention and therapeutic support ANY addiction can be kicked into touch. And she will hold your hand from the start to the very end of the process.

Sarah is particularly passionate about the number of adults with addiction issues not realising they are in actual fact suffering with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. When working for an addiction charity, she was staggered to realise that at least half the people walking through the door were actually undiagnosed ADHD and were fighting a losing battle with addiction until their correct diagnosis and medication was in place.

There is a very strong link between ADHD and addiction and Sarah can help untangle your addiction issues to find the real root of the cause, whether it be ADHD or not.

Sarah will work with you in complete confidence.

You can rest assured that if you are concealing your addiction from a partner, parents, friends or work, Sarah is a completely independent therapist and no information will be shared, unless you request it to be.

If you are anxious or unsure, Sarah offers a completely free up to half-hour telephone assessment which will hopefully set your mind at rest.

When you are ready, take the first step to recovery by either texting or calling 07769 355003 in very strict confidence.