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Counsellor, CBT therapist, Life-coach, Mentor

Sarah is known for her passion for helping people obliterate obstacles and get exactly what they want in life!
No challenge is too big for her. In fact the greater the challenge – the more determined she is to succeed.

This probably comes from her difficult start in life having undiagnosed ADHD, growing up always feeling different and ‘on the outside’ but determined to achieve. She smashed her own barriers by becoming a paper millionaire in her early 30’s and at that point turned her life to helping other people.

She started by volunteering with the homeless in London as a mentor for The Big Issue when she was no longer able to ignore the amount of homeless people begging on the streets of London. She was fast bankrupting herself giving out wads of cash but decided more had to be done so joined up for The Big Issue’s first ever mentoring training and since then has never looked back.

This is where she first found she could put her incredible strength and passion for helping people who most need it to best use. She carried on working in London with the homeless for the DePaul Trust, The London Connection and Crisis where she spent many years working in their head office, managing the Hairdressing services at Christmas and doing anything and everything she could to help London’s homeless.

At this point Sarah trained to be a Life Coach and now, finding her real passion was to help the even more challenging group, offenders, she began to work at HMP The Mount, Bovingdon where she spent 18 months tutoring soon-to-be-released men get their CVs in order, tackle interview technique, find out how to be self-employed and run franchises and generally get themselves better equipped for life on the outside. She adored this work.

Feeling the constant need of the men in the prison to speak one-to-one she then decided to train as a
counsellor and spent 5 1/2 years qualifying as a person centred counsellor and then a CBT therapist.

Sarah then spent over two years working as a counsellor at HMYOI Aylesbury with young offenders
and then in Dorset at HMPYOI Portland with both young offenders and adult men.

Her charitable work continued and she trained as an ex foster care mentor with The Princes Trust in Slough, worked
as a counsellor and counselling supervisor for The Footprints Ex Offender Project and as a counsellor for
Routes to Roots Homeless Charity, both in Poole, Dorset.

Finding out she was ADHD when she was 51 clarified Sarah’s entire life for her. This is why she had struggled, this is why she had felt different. This is why she felt the need to push boundaries, take risks and constantly push herself – the ADHD internal motor making it impossible to relax. It was also the reason she found it so easy to identify with offenders : 75% of her own clients in the prisons were ADHD and their crimes were for risktaking and boundary pushing behaviour.

Now 20 years of working with the homeless and offenders, particularly young offenders, has given her the experience to launch Headstuff Therapy knowing that her combination of life coaching, mentoring, counselling and CBT skills give her a firm basis from which to help most people turn their lives into exactly what they want.

Running alongside her work with offenders and the homeless, Sarah has owned two highly successful employment agencies since 1990. She excels in CV writing, career advice and career changes of direction.

Sarah believes obstacles are only there to be pushed out of the way. She won’t take no for an answer and has guided people from seemingly impossible situations into their dream scenarios. She gets immeasurable pleasure from seeing people who are feeling hopeless, directionless, weak and powerless take back control of their lives and achieve exactly what they thought was impossible. She has witnessed this numerous times over the past 20 years and plans to spend the rest of her life doing it for as many people as she possibly can as she knows the rewards for her clients are huge and life changing. And nothing gives her more pleasure than making people happy.

Sarah sees clients in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

She also works nationally by telephone, VSee and online.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapeutic Skills & Theory (CPCAB) Level 5. 2015
Person Centred Counselling Diploma (ABC) Level 4. 2014
Counselling Skills (ABC) Level 3. 2012
Introduction to Counselling Skills (ABC) Level 2. 2010
Introduction to Counselling (Open University) 2011
Diploma in Life Coaching (NCFE) 2005
Certificate in Life Coaching (NCFE) 2005
Drugs Awareness (Turning Point) 2003
Member of the BACP, The British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy, Registration Number 773642

What do Sarah's Clients say?


They told me I wouldn't be out for my sisters wedding in September. I got out in August and that was entirely down to Sarah and the CBT we did. She almost single-handedly stopped my violent behaviour

Male Offender26, Hampshire

Seeing Sarah has made it so much easier for me to open up and talk

Young Offender19, Hertfordshire

It's just so good to be able to talk for an hour Sarah and to not be judged

Male Offender30, Swindon

It's so good to clear my mind once a week. It stops stops me kicking off in between sessions seeing you Sarah

Male Offender23, London

I felt guilty about that car accident (where a friend was killed) every day for six years. Since seeing you I honestly hardly think about it any more. I get it wasn't my fault Sarah

Male Offender24, Gloucestershire

You have helped me so much Sarah. I was really depressed when I first saw you. I only realise now that I feel so much better now I see you

Male Offender33, Birmingham

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Counsellor & Youth Specialist

Helen is a qualified, committed and empathetic Person Centered Counsellor currently working with adults and young people. Helen integrates CBT and Psychodynamic modalities within her practice when she feels it is appropriate for the presenting needs of her clients.

Helen has a Diploma level 4 in Person Centered Counselling (ABC) and is soon to begin a level 5 CBT course. She has NSPCC training in Child protection and is appropriately DBS certificated. She is a member of the BACP and attends regular workshops and training to inform her practice.

Helen has been counselling for a number of years and has extensive experience working with diverse issues, challenges and increased expectations placed on people in the ever changing world of today.

Helen feels her training can aid progress particularly in relationships which are experiencing marriage problems and or abuse. By identifying ‘blocks’ clients are able to focus on behaviours and solutions that allow them to achieve their goals and increase their well being and happiness within those relationships (or not): she feels a counselling relationship can give a person the confidence to approach others in a different way.

Helen is passionate about allowing clients a voice whilst offering them autonomy and empathy within the safety of a therapeutic relationship. . She believes this ethos is particularly important within her modality of a Person Centered approach as it allows the individual to focus on realising and reaching their full potential.

Helen sees clients in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire and High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

She also works nationally by telephone, VSee and online.

Person Centered Counselling Diploma (ABC) Level 4. 2014
Counselling Skills (CPCAB) Level 3. 2012
Level 2 Certificate in Counselling skills (CPCAB) 2011
Introduction to Counselling Skills (CPCAB) Level 2. 2010
Introduction to Counselling (CPCAB) 2010

Domestic violence training
Medication in psychiatry training
Attachment training
Mindfulness Training
Childline Counsellor Training (NSPCC)
Child protection Certificate (Adviza)
Member of the Voice Collective (MIND) working with young people who hear voices
CAMHS training :Anxiety in young people and collaboration with their families
Mindfulness training (Adviza) 2014
Member of the BACP, The British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy, Registration Number 733889
Enabling clients to speak about feelings through sand play using creative arts in counselling
Worked extensively with transgender clients.

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Fiona is dedicated to helping anyone affected by mental ill health or psychological and emotional distress. She is also keen to promote the awareness and recognition of ADHD in adults and children. Fiona is passionate about promoting self-reliance, self-awareness and resilience, and to highlight the positive qualities relating to ADHD. Also to share her extensive knowledge of ADHD gained through experience and in-depth studies.

Fiona has particular interest in addressing and challenging the misdiagnosis of ADHD and helping people struggling with the consequences of unrecognised, undiagnosed ADHD.

Fiona will provide the opportunity to develop a therapeutic relationship where you can share your concerns and feelings. She can provide assistance in symptom management and behavioural changes and help you navigate any difficulties or obstacles causing you problems. Fiona can help with guiding you through ADHD referral, assessment, diagnosis and adapting to medication for ADHD, both within the private sector and NHS.

Fiona first realised she had signs and symptoms of ADHD when she was 24. She was referred for ADHD assessment but dismissed by the NHS and spent the next 10 years in the wilderness.

34 she was first offered and tried out ADHD medication. The ‘stuckness’, lethargy, inability to concentrate and complete tasks, disinterest in day-to-day life, ‘brain fog’ and lack of confidence began to disappear from the first day of treatment, alongside a significant improvement in mood.

With ADHD medication she has completed an Access to Higher Education Diploma in Psychology, Sociology, Social Work and Criminology and then chose to follow the counselling route, achieving a level 2 and 3 certificate in Integrative Counselling skills and theory, incorporating CBT, REBT, Psychodynamic and Person-Centred counselling. She has since progressed on to level 4 and 5 degree level counselling qualifications.

Finally at 39 Fiona was diagnosed ADHD by the NHS and now her five-year-old son is being assessed for ADHD too.

Fiona sees clients in Warrington and is also able to see clients from Liverpool, Manchester and Chester.

She also works nationally by telephone and online.

Access to Higher Education NCFE level 3 Diploma: Psychology, Sociology, Criminology and Social Work.
NCFE Level 2 Certificate: Integrative Counselling Theory and Practice.
NCFE Level 3 Certificate: Integrative Counselling Skills and Theory.
Level 3 CPD Certificate: ADHD awareness.
qualified at FdSc Level 4.

Foundation Degree: Integrative Counselling Skills and Theory (Graduates 2019).




Lynda is a vastly experienced counsellor who brought up not one, but two ADHD sons!  One diagnosed Inattentive, one Hyperactive.  She guided them through some pretty hairy teenage years but they are both now in their 20’s and both starting out on their careers and so far doing well!

Lynda is also the reason Headstuff Therapy exists at all ….. for it was her who was counselling Sarah when she spotted ADHD traits in her.  It was Lynda who felt so strongly that Sarah was ADHD, even when a private, supposed ADHD specialist psychiatrist told Sarah she was not ADHD, Lynda encouraged her to not give up and to go somewhere else, so sure was she Sarah was ADHD.

Lynda’s knowledge of ADHD comes not only from bringing up two ADHD sons, but also from working with ADHD teenager and adults for many years.  Both male and female.

Lynda is a highly experienced counsellor with 25+ years’ experience.  She has worked as a Diploma Level Counselling Tutor and is a qualified Counselling Supervisor.

Lynda is passionate about helping people with ADHD and she believes the best part of someone finally finding out they are ADHD is that everything suddenly makes

Trained in Humanistic Counselling integrating Transactional Analysis, Gestalt and Person-Centred Theories
Advanced Diploma in Humanistic Counselling (University of Wolverhampton)
Certificate in Transactional Analysis 101 (Institute of Transactional Analysis)
Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CPCAB)
Certificate in Supervision (CPCAB)
Certificate in Education (University of Southampton)
Life Coaching & Personality Testing (JCA)
DID Training with PODS
Diploma in Life Coaching
Dialectical Behaviour Therapy
Member of the BACP, The British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy, Registration Number 051281

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