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Welcome to Headstuff Therapy

Whatever STUFF you have got going on in your HEAD right now we hope we can help…..

Headstuff is owned by lead therapist Sarah Templeton – a fully trained and qualified Counsellor, CBT Therapist
and Life Coach who has been working in the helping professions for over 20 years. 


 Sarah is quite unique in being a big believer in counselling, it having literally saved her at several difficult periods in her life
including the early loss of her father, but also a passionate and strong believer in the power of life coaching. 
It is not often that you find the two combined in one therapist.
Sarah believes that once your emotional issues have been dealt with through counselling, quite often this leaves you with newfound
confidence and a zest for life but often unsure as to what direction you want to go in. Usually a counsellor would wave you goodbye at this point and
there is a faint chance you would go off and find yourself a life coach. But mostly we find this doesn’t happen and people are left floundering.
At Headstuff we believe the counsellor who knows you best is also the best person to help you in the next steps to your new life. 
This is why our combination of counselling followed by life coaching has been such a winning formula for so many clients. 
Headstuff also works in many specialist areas. If you would like to have a look at our ‘what therapy is best for you’ page you will
find information here that will help you but also we welcome you to take advantage of our 30 minute completely free telephone
consultation when you can talk to Sarah about what is going on for you right now and together decide which therapy and
which therapist would be most suited to your current needs. 
At Headstuff we also understand the need for speed. Our aim is to have your 30 minute telephone consultation the day you contact
us and  if you wish to be seen urgently we will endeavour to see you the same day or the next day latest.  
We understand sometimes when you need to see a counsellor it needs to be right now and not next week. 
Headstuff is also unique and in that we offer a 24/7 service. Emotional crisis don’t always happen Monday to Friday 9 to 5.
We know that. Which is why we work late into the evening, at weekends, over Bank holidays and particularly over what can
be extremely difficult times for people like Christmas and New Year. 
So have a look at our website and hopefully you will find all the information you need and when you are ready, please do get in touch with us. 
We very much look forward to helping you find yourself in a much better place. 
Sarah & the Headstuff Team

Sarah’s Story…

Sarah is quite unique in being a big believer in counselling, it having literally saved her at several difficult periods in her life including the early loss of her father, but also a passionate and strong believer in the power of life coaching.

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Success Stories

a truly life-changing moment

Greg’s Story,  40, West Midlands

“What can I say. I was at rock bottom in life. No exaggeration. I was struggling to get over a long term relationship and I’d just turned 40 with nothing to my name. Literally nothing. I could have packed my life into the boot of a car. I was back living with my parents and I was stuck in a dead end, soul destroying minimum wage job. I was broken and I really couldn’t see a way out.  

Ten weeks after my first meeting with Sarah I was flying out to Sark for three months to work and be trained up by an award winning  chef and one of the finest in the Channel Islands!…”

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What do our clients say?


They told me I wouldn't be out for my sisters wedding in September. I got out in August and that was entirely down to Sarah and the CBT we did. She almost single-handedly stopped my violent behaviour

Male Offender26, Hampshire

Seeing Sarah has made it so much easier for me to open up and talk

Young Offender19, Hertfordshire

It's just so good to be able to talk for an hour Sarah and to not be judged

Male Offender30, Swindon

It's so good to clear my mind once a week. It stops stops me kicking off in between sessions seeing you Sarah

Male Offender23, London

I felt guilty about that car accident (where a friend was killed) every day for six years. Since seeing you I honestly hardly think about it any more. I get it wasn't my fault Sarah

Male Offender24, Gloucestershire

You have helped me so much Sarah. I was really depressed when I first saw you. I only realise now that I feel so much better now I see you

Male Offender33, Birmingham